Richard Lund II

Richard Lund II

After working in film and television for 28 years, Richard Lund came to the "other side of the camera" in 2007 after having made translite backgrounds for more than 200 feature films, including some of his favorites like Ghostbusters, designed by John DeCuir, Ruby Cairo, designed by Richard Sylbert, What Women Want, designed by Jon Hutman, Spiderman designed by Neil Spisak, and Ironman, designed by J. Michael Riva. The labor upheavals in Hollywood gave him a opportunity to re-invent himself as an actor.

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      • As a "young" actor resembling a famous wizard, he has made a dozen appearances in student shorts for many of the film school directors in town, has landed some voice over work as Storyteller in ten episodes for Kahani World's Raju the Rickshaw video series, plays a recurring role as Professor Ludwig von Gradeshard in a webisode series about college life, has recorded an audio book, and is being trained in voice over by Dan Balestrero.
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      • Richard does some educational podcasting and public speaking. He has a comedy podcast called Hwy 61 Filling Station, presenting "grey humor" bringing together Hee Haw with Fargo, without the scary stuff. He has an interest in plant medicine. He is a father of four and has two grandchildren. He and his wife Terri live in Van Nuys, California.
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