Show & Tell will FINALLY premiere on our YouTube Channel on May 8th at 10am PST located here…

We want to thank all of you for your patience but also many of your kind words of encouragement, even recently. I know many were very curious and anxious about this webseries last year and still today.

We decided to release the series now more importantly because both families are still healthy and safe which is priority one! Additionally, during these travel restrictions you’re able to explore, temporarily, through our travelers but also allows you the viewer to decide if these areas might be destinations YOU might plan on visiting once travel is back to normal.

The great thing about this travel vlog series, if you’re new to this, is we tried to keep the episodes fun yet educational with both families bringing something different. We’re also releasing all episodes PLUS several behind the scenes and bonus episodes so BINGE AWAY!

You can go to our page and SUBSCRIBE now to be aware when the videos are LIVE. Also, to say thank you a random viewer will be selected to win a $500 Amazon gift certificate so you can buy all the TP you want. 🤣

All you need to do is:

1. Subscribe to the channel
2. View at least episode 1, hopefully more 😋
3. Comment your thoughts and we’ll randomly pick from the comments.

Simple, right? Thanks again!