Why Goodieboyz?

If you’re a indie filmmaker

As a indie filmmaker it’s not enough to just simply make films or series anymore. There’s a lot of other tasks involved in this new digital world before, during and after you call it quits on your film. You have social media, promoting your film, finding the right music for your film, video editing, potential voice-over actors, help with trailers, merch and even help with interviews for promotion and this is where WE want to be your ONE STOP option!

We not only provide a location to promote your film but you can also hire services for your film on the same website! No more searching around, get help without leaving the website! Need help with your film trailer? Music scores? We have professionals ready to assist. Need voice-over actors? We got you covered. Need help with promotional materials, yep that too. Need press releases help or want to schedule interviews with podcasts from around the world that deal with film and series projects? Absolutely. You simply select packages you need and we work with you until the job is done.

Let’s face it, YouTube and Vimeo still rule when it comes to the type of exposure your film or series can procure on a indie level and it’s not even close. We bridge the gap between your YouTube or Vimeo film or series projects and your audience by promoting our entire site, including new films, new series, film events, contests and more.  Plus the good thing, you still keep your videos on YouTube and Vimeo so you can continue to add to your views and watch time and collect revenue from those. We’re not reinventing the wheel, we’re just providing you a smarter not harder way to showcase, outsource and be better in touch with your fans.

On top of that, starting end of 2021 Goodieboyz will recognize who we felt were the top performers in film, series, actors, composers, makeup, set designers and more.

Does any other websites offer that? Other sites charge you and your fans money simply to post your film or series in their MASSIVE LIBRARY on their website but that’s soo yesterday. What’s the good in simply being tossed in a video library with thousands of other similar videos no one is searching for and many of your fans don’t want to pay for subscription services PLUS you don’t get ANY services or potential recognition here! Our website is 100% FREE to your viewers and caters exclusively to indie content.

You simply pay a one time admin fee (ranges from $199 – $599 depending on the amount of cast, crew, info we have to collect and is per each film/episode) to upload ALLLLLLL your film or series data including photos, cast, crew, links, collect data and create individual pages for you and all the crew and cast involved. Your fans will be able to search for specific directors and actors to quickly find other films or series. Excited? Contact us today to get started!

If you’re a movie or series fan

Did you know if you’re ONLY watching network TV, cable or streaming services you’re missing 60% of the entertainment content available! Each year hundreds of indie films, series and shorts are released and each year only a fraction get ANY notice, which is a shame since MANY indie projects are the same if not BETTER quality than what’s available on major networks. Did you know MANY of these projects are currently on YouTube or Vimeo but with the millions of other videos you never had a chance to learn about them in one place until now.

We bridge the gap between you and YouTube and Vimeo to provide you with are the highest quality bet indie films, series and documentaries from around the world. And because we’re not stuffy old geezers trying to appease shareholders we’re able to showcase any project that meets our high quality criteria. Watch 100% free wherever you are and learn more about your favorite cast and crew as well as behind the scenes, contests and other perks only available on Goodieboyz. We hope you give us a chance to be your alternative source of

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